La Tourette, Le Corbusier

The project explores multiple means and mediums of analysis, one that allows for new discoveries to be made that gives birth to new possibilities. The analysisin this case has been done both by understanding the building through taking it apart but the analysis also as a creative process in which new and unforeseen is constructed by discoveries made through the understanding of the building. 

Putting It Together | Experience of Light

This first set of drawings explore light as a spatial element, the oscillation between the physicality of the spaces and the interplay of physicality/abstraction of light. They aim to look through the spaces and break through from the looking at, but rather looking in and seeing through the experience. 

La Tourette Plan 3/32” 

Graphite Powder, Graphite

Taking It Apart

As a continuation of ‘looking through’ , this set of drawings explore the more that is revelaed through looking through more, seeing closely, discovering the ways in which spatial experiences flow one into another. Emerging from the analysis from the first set of assignments these drawings explore the ways in which different elements of architecture solid/void, circulation, and inhabitation can reveal the particular experiential program of the spaces. Through taking apart the parts and blending in a new ordering system, this set of drawings explore the flow of experience within the diverse set of spaces. 

Exploded Axonometric


Putting It Back Together Again

The final process of putting it back together again and final drawing generated from it explore the ways in which interior experience mainly through chapel and church to the ciculatory corridors could be revelaed in a imposing manner with use of different drawing techniques and overlays. The interior in relation to exterior starts to reveal itself though the articulation of ground and through this the interwoven spaces and merging of experiences are explored. The question of drawing’s agency in showing one’s experience within that spaces is constantly asked throughout the process, the different viewpoint and overlay of different information and use of range of media in perspective view were the primary agents in this process of a ‘search of looking through.’ 

Final Drawing

Perspective Collage/Drawing

Final Drawing, detail

Perspective Collage/Drawing