Site section showing river-edge and bioswale stormwater management strategy 

Acknowledging the discontinuity of relationships and lack of integration between people and systems, the project responds to site by creating interdependent, coexisting public and private programs. Understanding the heterogeneity of the ties between the community, individual, built and natural systems in a strong urban fabric, I am aiming to enhance this heterogeneity through slippage of the community to the individual, built systems to natural, and both of these systems back to individual again. Different scales of these slippage occurring respond to the creation of hybrid yet seamlessly attached variety of spaces holding unique experiences. My concept to integrate, join and merge aims to achieve a dynamic strategy that ties not only people to people but also systems to people and enhances the value of river by creating space to interact with it. Integration of the living machine systems aims to seamlessly tie the process of water treatment with public experiences, making visible what otherwise was distant, segregated or taken for granted. Nature of spaces created by these three scales introduce ways in which water is reintroduced to the public as an integrating element. Similarly, my housing project aims such integration by creating units for students and small business owners of Olneyville where they come together in a zone of production and their ideas are shared and become vocal both within Olneyville but also integrated to the larger scale of the city of Providence through this innovation center where production and meetings occur.

Site plan of the proposed master plan
3diag urban map site.jpg
Ground level site plan showing proposed community and commercial spaces and residential spaces
2020urban section FINALA copy.jpg
Building section
Daylight Analysis
Physical Model