First Perspective Drawing, Charcoal on paper 22"x30"
Second Perspective Drawing, Oil Stick on paper 22"x30"

Projection of the drawings from two different point of views back on the still life 

Mixed Medium: Latex gloves, thread, glue, acrylic paint

Measurement of two point of views
Measuring tool to document both the physicality and phenomenon of the still life. Approriate to the nature of the still life, the ireregular surface and texture, vertical and horitontal sections of plaster casts are taken. 
Outlines of the plaster casts were traced, scanned and put on Rhino, 11 horizontal, 10 vertical a total of 21 sections.
Front View, Rhino Model

Inspired by the grid conveyed in the top view of the digital model, negative space of the 2 inch wide section was modeled 1:2 scale


Final set of drawings in which I explored the transition from the real to analogue and interchangibility of 2D and 3D.

© 2017 by Ece Cetin