Residential Project

Initial exploration on Phyton coding and pen plotter production, as the result of change between x and y, visually articulated a seam, where the intersection of variables occur. The seam in this residential project becomes a programmatic and structural stitch as it expands and contracts according to uses such as circulation, utility, and storage. Drawings explore the notion of the seam through the cutline, as it defined the essential threshold that holds the parts together.

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Pen Plotter Drawings Unable to perfectly click at the spinal spot, yet inescapably being ‘one’ these drawings explored notions on figure and field tension where the seam becomes visible as the field is formed. 

In between particle and object explores the seam through 3 atmospheric volumes folding into each other, the formation of dense encapsulation on the left, a sequential breathe of upsurge in the middle volume and a compact moil of filling in on the very right. 

The Seam

In between surface and solid explores the seam through the giving away of space to the surface, a breathing volume constituted of seams that reveal the pursuit of ‘volumizing’. 

Long Section


Short Section


Interior Space